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Home Resale/Residential Rental Properties

By Allan R. Layton, Fire Marshal Bureau of Fire Protection,
July 6, 2011

Homeowners selling their residence should be aware that an inspection of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and a portable fire extinguisher is required before the sale can be completed. Prior to your closing, the New Jersey State Uniform Fire Code requires a site inspection of the home's fire safety components.

You should make an appointment at Boro Hall for an inspection by the Fire Marshal at least two weeks prior to the closing on the property.  Upon successful completion of the inspection, the required Certificate of Inspection will be provided.

A property owner who rents to a tenant(s) must comply with the same inspection process for smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detector and a portable fire extinguisher when there is a change of occupancy.  Every time there is a change in tenant(s) the law requires that you obtain an Application and Certificate of Inspection and have the fire safety components inspected prior to the new tenant(s) occupying the apartment space. 

Failure to have a certified inspection of the fire safety components in your property could subject you to a fine and lawsuit if a fire or a release of toxic gases injures a  tenant.

Protect your tenant(s) and yourself obtaining a Certificate of Inspection if you don’t have one.  If you have any questions, please contact the Fire Marshal at 908 255-2424.  he will answer all your questions and will assist you with compliance.